Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Memorial Day BBQ

There’s notin’ bettah than an ol’ fashioned (an Old Fashioned, now that’s good) BBQ on the Memorial Day weekend.  With a phone call to Mike and Peggy, that’s exactly what the four of us arranged.  We drove to their house and Mikee prepared his world famous BBQ’d ribs.  Peggy applied the rub to the ribs and then Mike slowly cooked them on his neat BBQ grill (a man’s gotta have his toys). 

We all sat outside on the deck smelling the ribs as they readied themselves for lupper.  It was too cool to eat outside so when the ribs proclaimed themselves to be done, we moved the operations to interior portion of Mike and Peggy’s little abode.

Judy had whipped up one of her world famous potato salads to accompany the ribs.  Peggy had also prepared some raw veggies to have to add some color and flavor to the meal.  It was a yummy meal with the company of good friends.  You can’t find a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Being that it was another overcast day, that was the extent of our outdoor activities.  We returned home around 6:30 and donned our PJ’s for an evening of sitting around with our Nooks in hand.  That and a small bowl of Hood Ice Cream rounded out our day.

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