Thursday, May 05, 2011

A Rainy Day In May

Not much to report this morning.  I w*rked yesterday morning and Judy w*rked yesterday afternoon.  It was misty earlier with rain setting in around one o’clock.  So we just hunkered down after w*rk doing some more reading.  Last night was another NCIS night – USA channel on the cable runs some of the old episodes. 

The only new thing is that the electric side of our water heater has quit working.  That will be a minor fix, probably I will need to replace the electric heating element.  You expect those things to happen after living fulltime in an RV for five years.

Just one more thing about Wild Duck.  New England campgrounds are rather pricey; after all, they have a real short camping season.  I don’t begrudge them the site fees, however, what upsets me is when they don’t make any effort do the basic things that would make their sites user friendly. 

Well, here at Wild Duck Chris and Jenn take that into consideration.  They have nice level sites with the tree limbs cut back.  Not only that, but each site is groomed before you arrive.  You’ll not find any cigarette butts, litter, excess leaves or pine needles, or trashy fire pits on your site.  The sites are reasonably sized and priced for what you get.  So, if you find yourself passing through Maine, we would highly recommend that you spend some time here at Wild Duck. 

Today will be another overcast day.  Hopefully this inclement weather condition will move on out of here by tomorrow – we need some more sun.

Take Care Until Next Time - - - - -

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  1. Thats how we prepared our sites when we camp hosted at FDR. I got so put out with folks thinking the fire pit was a trash can. We would rake and blow off each site...especially the patio area. Those sites would look like what WE would want to camp on. Good for Wild Duck!!