Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Great Very Good Wonderful Day

Being that we whine about the no good very bad horrible weather, we need to rejoice in the much better very good wonderful weather.  Tuesday brought us a good day with the sun breaking forth here and there, but yesterday was a great day with the sun most of the day.  Even though it was a little cool sitting in the shade, it was nice to have the sun shining for a whole day.  We should be seeing more of Mr. Sunshine over the Memorial day weekend with occasional thunder storms passing through.  In spite of all of this, Whahoo for the sun.

Things are definitely beginning to pick up here at Wild Duck.  There are quite a few “campers” already here with nine more sites filling up today.  This is our “Friday” and then we’ll have two weeks left here in Scarborough.  Hopefully the weather will hold so we can do some of the things that we had planned to do while in this area.  Then it will be off to Topsham Fairgrounds for the 2011 mini Maine Event.

Here are several pictures taken around the campground:  the entrance, the office, some of the landscaping, and the duck pond.

The Entrance DSCF7616DSCF7609 DSCF7614

Here are a couple of pictures of the ducks.  These are not the mallards that were here a few days ago with their babies, but are wood (not wooden) ducks.  We tried to feed them, but they wouldn’t have anything to do with us.  Do you suppose that that duck trying to “mother” the red winged black bird?

DSCF7606 DSCF7605

Take Care Until Next Time - - - - - - -


  1. I could use some cool today and this weekend. Weather in South Texas is approaching 90 and humid.

  2. Thanks for the pics. It looks like a nice park.