Saturday, April 30, 2011

Brakes, Chowdah, And Italians

Some people have bad breaks while others just have bad brakes.  In this case, Mike and Peggy’s son, Eric, had bad brakes.  I acted as Chief Gopher in Charge for Mike at his Auto/RV Repair Emporium while we took care of that very problem.  Hopefully, now that Eric has good brakes, he’ll not have any bad breaks.

Second verse same as the first!!!  Mike, Peggy, Judy, and I dined once more on the seafood chowdah.  I made enough chowdah for the four of us as well as Randy and Terry, Norm and Linda, and Don and Gloria.  Being that the other six didn’t show up, the four of us were left to eat it all up.  It was “Oh So Goood”!  Sorry guys, maybe next time you’ll be on time for dinnah!!!!

Judy and I spent the afternoon reading.  After having chowdah for lunch, we weren’t all that hungry so we walked down to Michaud’s Market for one of their world famous Italian sandwiches.  They are just as good as they were way back in the nineties when we lived here in Topsham, Maine. 

In case you’ve never heard of an Italian sandwich; they are sort of like a Subway ham and cheese sub with all sorts of veggies – only waaaaaay bettah!!  Being that they are about a foot long and we weren’t all that hungry, we split one.  We’re definitely going to have to go back for another when we’re starving and looking for something vewy, vewy yummy.

Well, it all went off without a hitch, oops, I take that back; William and Kate did get hitched and are now living a fairy tale life, happily ever.  Now, maybe today, we can get back to our normal lives unless, of course, the news organizations feel that it’s necessary to rehash the rehash of the rehash which they rehashed all day yesterday.    

What’s on the agenda for today, you may query?  Well, Miss Judy has found herself a quilt shop that must be attended to over in the metropolis of Bath, Maine.  While we’re there, we might just pick up a half pound, or so, of fresh Maine Scallops to have for tonight’s dinnah. 

Scallops are my favorite seafood; it figures as they are currently selling for $13.95 a pound.  With prices like that, we may have to start mortgaging our food.  But unlike lobstahs, scallops are 100% pure eating joy – no shells to throw out once you’re finished.  We’ll have to see as we have managed to blow our April budget (May’s just around the corner – like tomorrow).  Tune in tomorrow to see “what’s for dinnah”.

Take Care Until Next Time - - - - - -

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  1. HEY! Our invitation for dinner must have gotten lost in the mail - much like our invitation to William & Kate's wedding. :)

    Just be sure to have the makin's for that chowdah in June, brother!!