Friday, April 08, 2011

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling Down The Highway

We got underway right on schedule – whoda thunk?  After weeks of counting down and working the Ol’ Ta Do List, I guess we should have gotten underway right on schedule.  Anyway, we had a casual, event free travel day to Suncoast RV just south of Birmingham.  Today we’ll wheel into Cedars of Lebanon, get set up, and make a bee line for the grand children. 

The other day Kalina, right out of the blue, says, “Grandpa’s coming, Grandpa’s coming!”  I guess she gets it.  She’ll be one excited little girl in just a few short hours – not to mention that I’ll be one excited little grandpa in just a few short hours.  Grandma is trying to contain her excitement as well, but not doing a very effective job of it - she’s more excited than a long tailed Tom katt in a room full of rocking chairs.

Mike and Peggy will be joining us tomorrow.  After their hair raising experience Mikee needs a nice frozen margarita – they’re bringing the ice.  Those of you following their blog know that the Vue is all reassembled with a new bed plate and they hit the road yesterday.  That really was a pretty remarkable feat to get accomplished in just six days.  Mike stayed on top of the coordination effort and it all came together.  Even with a week’s set back, they’ll still get home as originally scheduled.

Okay, time to take a shower, dump the tanks, and make tracks.  See ya tomorrow from Lebanon, Tennessee; home of the Cracker Barrel.

Take Care Until Next Time - - - - -

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  1. Speaking of Cracker Barrel - I had to bribe Peggy with breakfast at CB to get her outa bed this morning. What's up with that?

    See ya soon.