Saturday, April 02, 2011

Be Prepared!!!

Wow!!  Our good friends, Mike and Peggy, went through a hair raising experience yesterday when the base plate broke loose from their toad.  Fortunately it happened at a Love’s truck stop and not at full speed on the highway.  We thank God that no one was hurt and that everything can be repaired.  You can check out their version of the event on their blog:  Maineiacs In Motion

It’s time like those that make you double diligent in checking and rechecking your equipment.  Mike stays on top of maintaining the motorhome and the car.  He is fastidious when it comes to preventive maintenance and takes action before things fail, but sh-, eh, stuff still happens.  For instance, I’m “Johnny on the spot” when it comes to tire maintenance, but we’ve still had two blowouts.  I crawl under the coach and inspect axles, shackles, welds, etc., but our water tank still broke loose.

The hitch is something that stills scares me.  Even though I inspect it, I often question what the tensile strength of the bolting after eight years of use.  Everything looks just fine with no wear, however, not everything can be seen with the naked eye.  Can you imagine what would happen if the hitch broke loose?  Perish the thought.

That’s why you just do everything you possibly can and leave the rest in God’s hands.  You could scare yourself to staying right in the back yard and not doing anything; what a shame that would be.  So, just be prepared to encounter problems on the road.  Hopefully they will be manageable and you’ll be up and running in short order.

Be Safe, Have Fun, and God Bless Until Next Time - - - - - -

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  1. A similar thing happened to us last August - . Blue Ox was wonderful even though it was an 8 year old baseplate.