Monday, April 04, 2011

Just A Social Day

The day started with church as usual.  We made a quick pit stop at Wally’s on our way home and then it was off to the Shrimp Basket where we met up with Randy, Terry, Dick, and Pat.  Man!!!  ‘Em shrimp were gooooood; not as good as Market By The Bay’s, but gooooood none the less.  And, as always, it was good to have dinner with friends.

On our way home from the Shrimp Basket we stopped by Clyde and Sarita’s house.  They used to be neighbors here on East Traveler Street and moved to their new home last spring.  It was good to see them in their new environment.  Clyde now has the woodworking shop of his dreams.

After sitting outside and reading for about an hour, we headed over to the clubhouse for the Ice Cream Social where we visited with Don and Gloria.  They had returned to their home in Indiana for a few weeks and have come back to the Plantation.  On Tuesday Norm, Linda, Don, and Gloria are heading for Big Bend; the trip that we had originally planned to go on with them.  That was before we counted our shekels and realized that the budget didn’t have much wiggle room.  Also, we haven’t been on a trip without some sort of incident in the past two years and we’ve gotten a little “gun shy” when it comes to our equipment and long trips into “no man’s land”.  Hopefully this will be an event free year.

On our way home from the clubhouse we joined our neighbors around the “camp fire” at Bob and Pam’s new home.  They, too, were East Traveler Street neighbors and bought a home right behind the ERPU lots.  It was nice to see everyone; we’ve not sat around the fire with these people in forever.  However, Judy is still battling that sinus “thang” and we needed to make a beeline for the house as the dampness began to fall.

Like the title says, we had “Just A Social Day”.  Now it’s back to “packing” for our summer travels.  The schedule has changed slightly as we will now be getting underway on Thursday.  Grand child fix on Friday – Yay!!!

Take Care Until Next Time - - - - - - -  

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  1. I'm thinking you've made a smart move to pass on the Big Bend trip. Summer has arrived very early and it's HOT down there! When we were there two weeks ago the temps were in the mid 90's-plus every day, and there are no signs that it's cooling down any time soon. It's a fantastic trip to visit...when it's cooler!