Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ta Dah!!!

Another successful day.  Yesterday we headed over to Mike and Peggy’s to help Mike install a hoist system in his garage for storing their bicycles in the overhead.  We got one finished before receiving a call from Whited RV saying the part for the landing gear had arrived.

So, the four of us headed for Auburn to pick up the part.  Once Tony, in the parts department, saw the part he said he had a kit in stock, however, the kit was around a hundred bucks.  All I needed was the shaft so I was happy to pay the seventeen dollars for the replacement part.  As it turned out, the part wasn’t exactly the one I needed (the one in the kit was), but with a little modification it works just fine.

Ta Dah!  Here are some pictures of the assembled leg.  You can see the new gold colored shaft going through the gears in the top of the leg, through the gear box, and through the collar.

Top Of The Leg Assembly

The next picture shows the leg assembly; there are three main pieces, the leg, the gear box, and the motor.  The modifications that we made were the addition of two sheet metal screws with washers to hold a mounting plate in place on the leg (you can see the screw and washer on the front side of the leg - there’s another one on the back side as well).  The other modification was to drill a new hole in the collar and through the shaft to hold the gear box tight against the leg (you can see the collar right along side the motor).

Front Side Of The Leg Assembly

This morning we’ll reinstall the leg assembly and unhitch the RV from the truck.  Yay!!!  “Free at last, free at last!”  

Upon leaving the Lewiston/Auburn area, hunger sat in – Feed Me!.  Judy and Peggy parleyed a solution; that being the Cabin Pizza for some shrimp scampi pizza.  If you’ve never had a shrimp scampi pizza, you haven’t lived a full life.  The Cabin Pizza in Bath, Maine has some of the best pizza crust that I’ve ever eaten.  Spread that with a nice scampi sauce, some mozzarella cheese, topped with lots of shrimp and you have yourself a meal fit for a king.  Not exactly healthy but extremely yummy.

Grand daughter Catia is on the mend.  She had her bone reset and her arm is currently splinted.  In two or three weeks, once they are sure everything is healing correctly, they will put on a cast.  They had to knock her out to reset the bone and then gave her some morphine for the pain.  Needless to say, she was pretty much out of it for awhile, however, she was up and about, watching movies yesterday afternoon.  The doctor said she could go to school today if she feels like it, but mom and dad say one more day at home will be just fine – can’t blame them.

Once the truck is free from the RV we need to seek out some nice fresh lobstahs for a stew and lobstah roll dinnah.  We know several places to find them so there won’t be much “seeking” involved.  The question is, “what is the current price of lobstahs?”  Especially considering the price of fuel – those lobstah boats get something like 2 or 3 gallons per mile.  That’s right, they’re not the most energy efficient vessels.

That’s it for now.  Take Care Until Next Time - - - - - -

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