Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Search

We spent about four hours visiting multiple neighborhoods in Murfreesboro and smaller communities south of I-24.  In conjunction with grand kids one of our needs is for a good worship center.  World Outreach Church is just south of I-24 on New Salem Road (which is also route 99).  Chapel Hill, Christiana, Eagleville, and Rockvale are all possible candidates and would be within 15 miles of the church.

Like we said yesterday, it’s all about options.  We looked at country settings with both houses and mobile homes (we wouldn’t live in a mobile home, but sell it and park our RV while we built a small home); we looked at condominiums and houses in neighborhoods.  We haven’t decided what our life will look like after we grow up (fulltime RVing) so all the information that we can garner will help us paint that picture.

Okay, today is going to be another great day with temperatures in the high seventies and low humidity.  We’re planning an outing with Kalina this morning.  When we stopped by yesterday she was one excited little girl – she loves her G’ma and G’pa.  It’s gonna be hard to pull up the jacks and leave town again this year.  These little tikes certainly have a draw on our heart strings.

We’ll share pictures of today’s outing tomorrow so Take Care Until The Next Time and don’t let the bed bugs bite - - - - -  

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