Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Travel Day

Today’s another travel day.  There’s another storm brewing and we’d like to get out of tornado alley, if that’s possible.  We’ll run north for about four more hours and then hunker down for a couple of days to let the storm pass.  That should get us out of the “severe storm” track.  We have reservations in Bull Run, Virginia on Thursday – we hardly ever make reservations, but decided it might be prudent being Easter weekend.

Well, you never know who you’ll bump into as you’re heading down the road.  Myrddin (pronounced Murthen) is here and he brought Jim and Linda Smith with him.  Myrddin is a classic Beaver motorhome and you can follow his travels on his blog – Myrddin’s Travels.  We’ll attempt to catch up with Jim and Linda this morning, but being that we plan to leave early this morning we may not connect.

Only time will tell if Alex will get really upset with two travel days in a row.  He doesn’t like back to back travel days and sometimes raises heck in the truck.  We have a “time out” cage in the back seat just for him.  If he gets too unruly then he gets a time out.  After about a half hour in the cage he generally settles down.  Poor kitty, rough life!!!  Katie is such a good little traveler; she just stretches out on the back seat and naps.

Well, it’s off and running so Take Care Until Next Time - - - - - -     

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  1. We stayed in Talahasse during last weeks terrible storms, then we charged North as soon as the weather cleared.
    We are currently sitting out the weather in Galesburg, Illinois on our annual migration from Florida to Wisconsin, looks like we will be here for a while, no sense driving into floods and snow in the North.
    Our RV lot in Wisconsin is currently flooded by the Mississippi, have an alternate place to stay but in no big hurry to get there....sure missing Florida now!
    Hope you stay warm and dry!