Friday, April 22, 2011

Campground From Deliverance

We drove from Natural Bridge, Virginia to Matamoras, Pennsylvania (400+ miles) where we are staying at Tri-State Campground.  It’s right where New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania all come together.  Our next window neighbors (we don’t have a door on that side of the coach), Paul and Jane, are from Vermont.  Jane refers to this campground as, “the campground from Deliverance”.

We arrived and were hooking up at just about the same time as they were so I invited them over for a glass of wine.  Paul joined us but Jane was tired so she stayed at home.  They had traveled from Bull Run Regional Campground in Centreville, Virginia which was where we had reservations to stay while visiting Mary and Joel.  Anyhow, being that they too had had a long day of driving as well Jane opted out.  But had she known that Judy was a quilter she probably would have come over according to husband Paul. 

She is a very serious quilter and makes red, white, and blue lap quilts for soldiers who are in military hospitals.  They were in the Washington, D. C. area delivering the quilts and visiting Marines who don’t have family nearby to visit with them.  Paul and Jane are a great couple and we’re glad we got to meet them (or in this case Paul).

Today is another long haul; around 60 miles less than yesterday.  The campground in Topsham has not turned on the electric or water yet, but supposedly they will be this weekend.  In any event, we can boondock.  Ummm, boondocking while it’s only in the 50’s during the day and the low 30’s at night?  Are we tough enough for that?  Looks like we’re about to find out. 

We’ll stop by Mike and Peggy’s and take on a full load of water and then head to the Fairgrounds where we will pick out a site (we should have a few to chose from).  At least we will have sewer, the furnace will keep us warm, the generator will keep the batteries charged up and, most importantly, the inverter will run our computers and television.  Plus we’ll save money on campground fees – a whole whooping $75 per week.

None the less, it will be an adventure and give us something to write home about.  Oh, by the way, the truck performed just perfectly yesterday with no coolant issues – just the way we’d planned it.  Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?

Take Care Until Next Time - - - - -

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  1. We've stayed there, too! Didn't think it was THAT bad, but definitely not a "destination." :) Be safe out there today.