Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another Day At The Ranch

What can I say?  Yesterday was a work day.  I mowed the lawn, Judy did the laundry.  Then the two of us worked on our 2012 budget; we’re not the Gummint, so we have to make the thing balance.  We’re still about three grand over our projected income.  So, is there some workamping in our future?  Maybe, because, as the old farmer said, “I don’t just want the ends to meet, I want them to overlap a little!!!”  Anyone know where we can get our hands on a nice printing press?

Anyhow, the weather continues to be warm and a little muggy.  We’ll sit outside a little, but end up coming back into the nice air conditioned wheel estate.  Our biggest form of entertainment is reading.  We were hoping for some decent television viewing this year, but it doesn’t look promising.  Just more of the same – rape, murder, and cop shows.  When is enuff enuff?  We do enjoy the Sing Off, NCIS, and History Detectives (unfortunately History Detectives is on at the same time as NCIS).  Otherwise there’s not really anything that we care to watch on the boob tube.

Just to let you know, Alex is getting pretty much back to normal.  He makes his rounds across the bed each morning around 5:00 looking for someone (his Momma) to get up and tend to him and his sister.  After having little to no response from the grown ups, he lays down on Momma’s pillow and purrs loudly.  Then he’ll crawl up on top of Dad and lay down while purring loudly.  Finally, he settles down at the foot of the bed and waits for the humaniods to get up.  What a katt, remarkable feline!!!

Katie is having fun watching the humming birds.  We have a humming bird feeder that attaches to the window with suction cups.  She sits on the back of the sofa and chatters to the birds.  If she isn’t there, all we have to do is say, “Birds, Katie!!” and she comes running.  She spends a lot of time watching them, I guess we’ll need to get her a bird book for Christmas.

We’re not completely sure what we’ll do today.  Judy has another doctor’s appointment this morning, we have some books to return to the library, and there are a couple of chores that needs to be accomplished.  Tomorrow is Senior Day at the fair; seniors get free admission.  But, we’re not senior citizens, we’re junior citizens.  Senior citizens are those who are older than we are!!!  Hope they let us in free.

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -

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  1. Darrell,

    If you stop shaving now, you should have enough beard by the holidays to get a temporary job as Mr and Mrs Claus in some department store or mall. We have friends who do that.
    By the way, we enjoy reading your blog every day and have a lot in common with y'all.