Monday, September 26, 2011

Electronic Marriage Counseling

Yesterday morning we headed out for church.  We worked the first service with the Connection Team and worshipped during the second service (our church has three services on Sunday morning).  Then it was home for some nice piece of crab meat pie and a bowl of fish chowdah.

I spent the afternoon reviewing everything that I could possibly find on the Cradlepoint / Pantech marriage.  It’s nice when you buy something and it works as advertised, but that has not been the case with this 4G setup.  It’s impossible to figure out where the problem lies; both the modem and the router function as they are supposed to, they just don’t work together.  So, which one do you fire?????   I want to do something but don’t have money to just throw at the problem; therefore, I’ve spent hours upon hours trying to isolate this problem and come up with a solution.

We almost bought a new router from yesterday, however, there is no guarantee that Pantech would get along with the new router either.  But the Pantech modem works just fine when plugged into my computer – continuous 4G connectivity.  When plugged into the router, we only get 3G connectivity (which isn’t bad) with continual disconnects (which is aggravating).

So, I have been reviewing both the Pantech and Cradlepoint settings to see if there isn’t something that can be adjusted so these two would get along together (this is equivalent to an electronic marital counseling session -I’m not getting a hundred dollars an hour to do it).  Currently I have the router set to 3G only, which locks out the 4G signal, and we seem to be getting decent speeds and haven’t been disconnected from online yet this morning.  I’m not going to spend to much more time on this issue before I kick both of these guys out of the house!!!

Oh well, enough of that.  Last evening we returned to church for Evangelism Team training required so we can volunteer at the Hope Center.  As we shared yesterday, the Hope Center is manned by local doctors and nurses who volunteer their time.  There are Medical Doctors, Dentist, and Counselors on hand to care for the needs of low income / no insurance families.  It’s not a handout as people are expected to pay for their services, just at a greatly reduced rate. 

The Evangelism Team is made up of volunteer spiritual counselors who conduct a spiritual survey.  The survey is the starting point of a client’s visit to the Hope Center where any spiritual needs are addressed.  This is a Christian ministry so the Gospel is presented and each person is given the opportunity to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  Follow up is done to ensure that “they” get plugged into a church family somewhere (not necessarily our church) where they can grow in their faith.

This is a great ministry that is meeting both the physical and spiritual needs of the community.  We look forward to spending an afternoon each week supporting this effort.  Maybe we should consider taking our modem and router in for marriage counseling!!!

Well, the sun is shining and the lawn needs mowing.  I had better get to it before the heat of the day rolls in.  Then there’s a couple of indoor Ta Do List items that need tending to.  That list is growing faster than we can work.  At least we have full time jobs to go to each day.

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - -

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  1. I just found your blog and enjoyed reading about you and your ministry. I see you accepted Christ as your Savior the same month and year we got married! God bless you in your travels. Thanks for sharing!