Sunday, September 04, 2011

Getting Aired Out

It’s been doing a lot of raining here over the past couple days.  The rain is a welcomed sight for this area after a summer of drought.  So far the ground has just absorbed the water.  Today and tomorrow promises to be the worst of it as tropical storm Lee passes just north of Mobile.  We will be on the southeast side of the storm, the most ferocious side.  “They” are predicting torrential rains (10 to 15 inches) with winds in excess of 40 MPH and some flooding in low lying areas; it could be an interesting two days.

We just had to get out of the house so yesterday, in between the rain drops, we took a drive over to Fairhope and walked through the park.  It’s so pretty and peaceful there.  The park overlooks Mobile Bay, you can see Mobile across the bay,  and has a beautiful sandy beach as well as biking and hiking trails.  Judy and I look forward to taking our lawn chairs, some drinks, and, maybe, a sandwich along with our Nooks over to spend an afternoon of reading and relaxing at the park.  We can even take a stroll or two around the rose gardens as well as walk about downtown Fairhope.

After lunch we just hunkered down inside and watched a little college football while doing some reading.  I wish that they would have two sound tracks with ball games.  One where you could get the sounds of the game and the second for those who think they need to listen to the commentators telling you what you just saw.  Guess which sound track we would choose?  The pitter patter of rain on the roof coupled with the drone of a football game and reading has away of putting one to sleep so, needless to say, a short nap crept into the mix.

While we were in Maine, we found a real nice pizza dough made by the Portland Pie Company so we bought four and froze them.  We, also, bought a couple packages of frozen Maine shrimp.  With those with a nice garlic sauce and some mozzarella cheese, we had a nice shrimp scampi pizza for dinner last evening – just as good as the Cabin’s in Bath, Maine.  After a some more reading and football, we found our way to bed calling it the end of another fine day in the life.

Just another reminder that come Wednesday we will be going to a weekly posting of the blog.  Also, we will be rebuilding the old Wandering America website for posting our travelogues.  The website will be updated and published randomly, so if you would like to be notified when we update please e-mail us at Wandering(dot)America(at)Yahoo(dot)com and put “Notification List” in the subject line so we’ll know that it is not spam.

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  1. My goodness, I used to "drop in" on your blog some time ago. Just found it again by cruising another bloggers favorites. Glad you see you are still enjoying the good life, albeit maybe a little wet just now.

  2. Hope y'all are weatherin' the storm ok. That pizza sounds good, save a batch for us!