Wednesday, September 07, 2011

It’s A Wrap

Wow, what a beautiful day.  We spent most of it outside, but first Judy had to go to the lab for some blood work.  After she returned home, I called the Dr. Julie for Alex.  He has a growth on his back which it started about three months ago.  It didn’t appear to be anything at first, however, over the past month it has been getting larger.  The doc was able to see him at 10:15 so we packed him up and off we went.

Dr. Julie doesn’t think that it is anything to worry about, but there is a cyst underneath the growth which is most likely benign.  However, the Doc recommended that we have it removed and analyzed to make sure.  So, Alex is scheduled for surgery at 10:00 this morning.  It will be out patient as the doc feels it would be too stressful for him to have to stay overnight.  We’ll make a special post this evening to let you know how Alex is doing.

Once we all returned back home, I went up and “fetched” the lawn mower and weed whacker out of the shed to take care of the yard.  Then we sat outside to do some reading – we even watched the evening news on our outside television.  Alex came out and joined us for awhile.  Sis Katie doesn’t seem interested in sitting outside in our laps – snob!!!  After dinner, we went for a short walk about the park doing a little visiting here and there along the way.

Well, this is the last daily blog entry, at least for awhile.  We will do a weekly blog posting on Wednesday afternoon/evenings.  Several of you have stated that you’ll miss the daily entries and we appreciate that.  It’s just that there is not a whole lot to share and we feel like we’re just repeating ourselves – you know, got up, brushed our teeth, drank our coffee, sat in our recliners, did some reading, worked on the Ta Do List, ya da, ya da, ya da.  Hopefully, with at least one outing a week, a little volunteering here and there, and some of the happenings around the Plantation, we’ll have something interesting to share each week. 

As stated before, once the Wandering America website has been updated, we’ll start publishing travelogues on there.  Again, if you want to be notified when we make updates to the website then drop us an e-mail at Wandering(dot)America(at)Yahoo(dot)com and put “add to list” (or something like that) in the subject line so we’ll know it’s not spam.

Again, we’ll post an Alex update later today for those of you who are interested in how our little fur kid is doing.  If everything goes well, he should be home by four or five this afternoon.

So, I guess it’s a wrap, so Take Care Until Next Week  - - - - - - - -


  1. Wishing Alex all the best!! Be strong young man!!
    Looking forward to a good report later on today!!

  2. sounds like you had a good day....hoping for the very best for Alex...will be watching for the surgery update later today...will miss your daily blog...but will check in weekly..:)