Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Lee Is Gone – Finally

Ding Dong the storm is dead, the mean old storm, the wicked storm.  Ding Dong tropical storm Lee is dead.  We managed to get through it all pretty much unscathed.  There was around 13” of rain over the past four days here at the Plantation.  It was a little windy yesterday but finally the storm passed on by.  Once that happened, the temperatures dropped into the low 70’s.  We were able to sit outside for a little while yesterday afternoon.

I began the work on updating the website yesterday.  Man, I forgot a lot about using KompZer (the program we use for developing the website).  Once the “Home Page” is rebuilt, we’ll go back and begin updating the travelogues from January 2010 up to now.  Tomorrow will be our last daily entry on this blog.  After that we’ll up date once a week and publish on Wednesday afternoon/evening.

Today, I need to get the lawnmower from the ERPU shed and mow our lawn.  While we were sitting out yesterday afternoon, we watched the grass grow a whole inch so it’s time to cut it.  We needed the rain and now everything looks so nice and green, hopefully we can maintain a good balance from here on out – rain at night and sunshine during the day (at least that’s what we’re ordering from Mother Nature’s Weather Store).

So, I guess today will be a Chore-Ta Do List kinda day.  We are thinking about an outing of some sort for this week, just haven’t decided yet.  It maybe something as simple as sitting on the beach enjoying the peace and quiet or maybe a museum or historical site visit somewhere.  In any event, you’ll be able to read all about it in next Wednesday’s edition of the Wandering America Blog.

Again, if you want to be put on our notification list for the Wandering America Website updates, please e-mail us at Wandering(dot)America(at)Yahoo(dot)com and put “notification list” in the subject line.    

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -

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  1. Glad to see you weathered the storm without any major damage...now as you tackle the chore list you can do so with a sigh of relief...