Friday, September 30, 2011

Thinking Out Loud

Judy went for a walk, she did some laundry, and she cut out some more fabric.  I serviced and cleaned the air conditioners and then I sat around looking stupid.  Say what?  Not really, just wanted to see if you were paying attention. 

Yesterday afternoon Miss Judy got her hair cut; I took a book and read while I waited.  Normally Judy would drive herself, but we wanted to check out the katt “fude” inventory at Tractor Supply.  After that, we toddled on up the road to Camping World where I got a new filter for the air conditioner and, just for fun, we went out and kicked the tires on a few motorhomes.

In this economy I almost hate to do that because there’s always a hungry salesman who tags along behind you like a lost puppy asking when you’re thinking about buying.  It’s as bad as a little kid riding in the back seat asking if we’re there yet.  I know they have to make a living, but when we tell them right up front that we’re not buying and that we’re only killing some time you’d think that they would just give us their card and say, “I’ll be inside the air conditioned office should you have any questions”.

Poor fellow didn’t look hungry (he was my size), but he really wanted to sell something – anything!!!  He tried to sell us every motorhome we looked at.  We finally had to go leaving him behind whimpering like a small child being left at the wicked babysitter’s.  For a while I thought we’d have to bring him home with us – “Mom, Mom, look what followed me home!!!  Can I keep him?”

Bottom line, we didn’t find anything on the lot that had the “It” factor.  There were a couple of smaller units that would “fit the bill” once we “come off the road”.  Both were made by Itasca – a 25 foot class A built on the Sprinter frame with a Mercedes diesel and the other a 26 foot class A “gasser”.  So far we haven’t found anything that we like better than the Airstream 24 foot class B+ built on the Sprinter frame with a Mercedes diesel.

Fun, isn’t it?  Yesterday we tell you how broke we are and today we tell you about buying a motorhome.  The reason we’re broke is because we are saving our shekels for the transition from wheel estate to real estate.  Once we’re situated in a house, we’ll trade our truck for a car, sell our fifthwheel, and buy a smaller motorhome for traveling.  That’s the plan, Stan!!  For now, anyhow!!

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -

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