Saturday, September 03, 2011

One Down, Three To Go

Tropical Storm Lee is slowly passing through the area.  It was an “off again, on again” rainy day yesterday.  It began around 9:30 with some real downpours as Lee is making tracks toward land.  It is moving at a whole two miles per hour and promises to dump lots of rain along its path.  Come Sunday and Monday we’ll will be receiving our “dumping” so, one day down with three more to go.

Yesterday morning we gathered our wares into the larder.  As always, it was sticker shock for our first shopping trip after returning to Rainbow Plantation.  The price of food is higher here plus we get to pay sales tax of around 8% on top of that.  We managed to gather our nuts into the tree between storms thereby staying relatively dry.

Other than that, we just “stood” inside and played with our indoor toys.  That is, we managed to keep ourselves busy with a few chores, putting the groceries away, and getting some quality reading time.  That sounds a lot like riding our recliners, doesn’t it?

Today looks like a lot of the same.  We will go to the “Bagels and Coffee” time at the clubhouse in a half hour just to get some social time and see if there are really any other people in the park.  We’ve heard that there are, but haven’t seen too many.  So that’s it for today.

Remember that next week we are going to a weekly format for the blog and will be updating the Wandering America website.  If you would like to be put on the notification list for when we update the travelogues in the website, please e-mail us and put “notification list” in the subject line so we’ll know that it’s not spam.  The e-mail address is Wandering(dot)America(at)Yahoo(dot)com.

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