Friday, September 02, 2011

Settling In For The Long Haul

We are getting settled in and it’s a good thing.  Beginning today a tropical front is moving in and plans to hang out for the next five days – or more.  The farmers need rain, but this is going to give them way too much.  “They” are predicting the flooding kind of rain.  We’ll see what happens, but we are ready to hunker down.

This morning we’re making our grocery run to Bruno’s and Walmart.  Once we get home, I’ll fill the potable water tank.  We’ve gotten caught with our “pants down” (water tank empty) three times this year so that’s not about to happen again.  It’s doubtful that things will get that bad around here, but, like the Boy Scouts say, “be prepared”.

For the past two days I’ve been swimming laps; yesterday I added a half hour on the Nordic Trac Elliptical that’s at the clubhouse.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get this chubby little bod of mine in shape – just maybe.  Also, I’ve started reading through the book of Romans in my Bible.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get this little mind of mine in shape – just maybe.

Judy J. managed to get her hair cut and has been working on setting up housekeeping for the long haul.  She changed out some pictures in the bedroom and wants to update the grandkid pictures in the livingroom.  Then there’s my rag quilt to get started on plus the quilting project that she’s currently working on.

We’ve both spent some time reading.  Those Nooks were a great investment; I’ve read at least two dozen books this year and Judy has read over a dozen.  It’s a good thing we enjoy reading ‘cause there ain’t nuttin’ on television worth watching’. 

I have two favorite shows, NCIS and History Detectives.  Wouldn’t you know that “they”, who ever they are, have decided to air them on the same night at the same time.  We don’t have all that sophisticated equipment so that we can watch one show and record the other – just another one of lives little disappointments.  Oh well, more time for reading.

We were looking forward to a beach day this coming week, but with all this rain in the forecast we’ll have to plan something else.  The Naval Air Museum has doubled its size so maybe we’ll just take a day trip to Pensacola for a look see.  That’s a nice indoor thing to do and something that we enjoy doing.

Well, the time is winding down.  Beginning next week this blog will go from a daily publication to a weekly publication.  As a child, my dad worked for a weekly newspaper and they published on Wednesday afternoon so that seems like a good tradition to continue.  So, we’ll continue a daily entry until next Wednesday and then switch to a weekly entry from then on. 

I’ve downloaded the KompZer software onto my “new” computer.  That is what we use in the creation and the maintaining of the Wandering America website.  The plan is to update the website and start publishing the travelogues there beginning in January.  So, if you want to be put on a notification list for when we update the website, please e-mail us.  Be sure to put something in the subject line such as “notification list”, “add to list”, “website list”, etc., so we’ll know it’s not spam.

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -

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