Thursday, September 22, 2011

Trouble In Paradise

A lot of marriages are in trouble these days so it shouldn’t be any surprise that our household is among the the fifty percent experiencing not so martial bliss.  Lack of communication is a horrendous problem and hard to rectify.

She:  “We’re don’t seem to be communicating anymore!”

He:  “Why do say that?  I talk to you all the time, you just don’t understand a thing I’m saying.”

She:  “I’m listening, you just don’t make any sense.  And besides, it would be a whole lot easier to hear you if you’d speak up and quit mumbling.”

He:  “I don’t mumble.  You just don’t care.”

She:  “What’s that supposed to mean?  I’m around you almost 24/7 and you’re always preoccupied with something else.  You don’t take any interest in the things that are important to me.”

He:  “Preoccupied?  What do you mean preoccupied?  I’m not preoccupied.  You know exactly what I mean, you just choose to ignore me.”

She:  “Huh?  You’re mumbling again.”

He:  “See, like I said, you just don’t care.”

She:  “Oh, get over it.  All we seem to do is argue all the time.”

He:  “This ain’t working!!!!!!!”

And on, and on it goes until someone heads for the other room and slams the door shut.  What it has come down to is a total lack of communication which is definitely leading to a separation and possible divorce.  We’ve tried everything we know to fix the problem and the communication just hasn’t gotten any better over the past few weeks.

Huh?  What?  You think I’m talking about me and Miss Judy?  Heaven forbid!!!  I’m talking about the relationship between Mr. Pantech and Mrs. Cradlepoint (our 4G Pantech UML290 USB Modem and our Cradlepoint CTR500 Router).  It’s just not working out.  Mr. Pantech is young and viral while Mrs. Cradlepoint is more mature and refined. 

Mr. Pantech even attempted an affair with one of our Rainbow Plantation’s neighbor’s younger Miss Cradlepoint, but she totally blew him off.  Yesterday afternoon I loaded Mr. Pantech into the passenger side of the truck and took him over to Norm’s house to introduce him to the young sleek looking Miss Cradlepoint, but they didn’t get along at all – couldn’t maintain connectivity. 

Next I need to take our Mrs. Cradlepoint over to Norm’s and introduce her to Mr. LG Modem to see if they can get along.  The results of that get together will help us determine what action to take.  Basically one of them, Pantech Modem or Cradlepoint Router, needs to be fired.  The question is, “Which one?”  If the router works fine with Norm’s modem, then we’ll have to go to Verizon and trade modems.  If the router doesn’t perform well, then we’ll need to fire it.  But that brings up a whole ‘nother question, “What combination will work?” 

It may come down to starting all over with a new modem and a new router – good grief, Charlie Brown!!!  All we want is the arguing to stop and to be able to get online whenever we want with decent speeds and without getting booted off line every few minutes.  Is that too much to ask?  “And the beat goes on!”

Well, other than that, we are heading with Norm, Linda, Rich, and Diane for a day at the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola which means pictures tomorrow.

So Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - - -

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  1. I just about had a heart attack when I saw your Post Header, geez! But then I had a good laugh and realized I am a pretty good judge of character, I kept saying to myself as I read, "This can't be"....
    Thanks for giving me a jump start this morning and one of those "Spit out your coffee" moments!
    Full Time Road Warriors