Thursday, September 01, 2011

Shaking Up The Routine

What an optimist I am!!  Yesterday I stated that we could work outside until eleven or twelve; well, that was before God added humidity (and a little humility as well).  When it gets humid, like yesterday, you’d better plan on getting your outside work done before nine (maybe even eight).  A better idea would be to hit it at first light so you could get in a few hours before breakfast, but, not so fast there Maverick, that just ain’t gonna happen!!!

Okay, now that that is out of the way (confession is good for the soul), let’s move on.  We are looking for a new daily routine that’s not a routine; at the very least a mixture of the routine and the non-routine.  There are some things that need to be done daily: spiritual growth time, exercise, and household chores to name a few.  Then there are shopping trips, Ta Do List items, hobbies, volunteering, and special outings that aren’t necessarily daily items.  Now, how do we “mix it up” so that we don’t get into a rut and become stale?  That is the sixty four thousand dollar question.

It would be nice to tell you that we got it all together, but we haven’t – not yet anyway.  But, here is an immediate proposal.  Part I - Roll out of bed at revelry, fetch a cup of coffee, and hit the Bible for some early morning reading/meditation time.  Then take a morning dip in the pool to swim laps.  Next get the household chores out of the way.  Hopefully, Part I can be completed by nine o’clock.

Part II – Chose one or two items from the following list to add to each day:  Ta Do List Items, or hobbies, or an outing, or volunteering at church, or a shopping trip.  We want to do at least one weekly outing to get us out of the house (and/or Plantation) as well as spending at least one day a week volunteering at our church’s Hope Center.  Then by sprinkling in “hobbies” and “Ta Do List” items, and “shopping” items throughout the week, and voila, you have a fun filled week while “taking care of business”.  At least that’s the concept (just because I said it was a good idea doesn’t mean it’s going to work).

We all know that sometimes life gets in the way.  There’s always doctors appointments, hair cuts, and other unexpected events that crop up with schedules of their own which interfere with our plans.  However, the goal remains the same – “Don’t Get Into A Rut!!!”  It’s a balancing act and sometimes it’s easy to loose our balance.  But, “Don’t Give Up”, “Keep On Keeping On”, “Hang In There”, “Push On Through”, “Keep Your Eye On The Ball” – can you think of anymore cliches?  The point is that if we really want to remain vibrant, then we are going to have to take action and keep working at it.

Well, that gives us something to chew on for awhile while we sort it all out.  Otherwise, we are just going to sit in our recliners while holding hands and gazing into each other’s baby blues.  And you can only do that for so long before someone blinks.

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - -

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  1. During your busy schedule I noticed you left out eating meals. Was that an oversight or planned?