Saturday, September 24, 2011

Naval Aviation Museum

We left “camp” at around 9:30 AM with the Naval Aviation Museum as our destination.  After making a stop at A&E (fabric store) in Pensacola, we made tracks to the Museum where we were meeting up with Norm, Linda, Rich, and Diane.


Once the six of us gathered in front of the Information Center, we set a time to meet at the Cubi Bar Café for lunch and then journeyed off by ourselves touring the Museum.  There are cockpits to sit in -

DSCF8361 DSCF8367

And plenty of static displays to view, so many that it’s hard to see the airplanes through the displays -

DSCF8401 DSCF8403DSCF8385 DSCF8388

A model of the USS Reagan and the first plane to cross the Atlantic are on display as well.  The NC-4 crossed the Atlantic in 1919, some eight years before Lindbergh made his historic flight -

DSCF8369 DSCF8370

Marine One that was used by Presidents Nixon and Ford is on hand for a visit -

DSCF8382 DSCF8383DSCF8380 DSCF8379

There are outside displays and crashed plane displays -

DSCF8384 DSCF8377

We can’t leave out the Navy’s contributions to the Race into Space and the Moon Landing -

DSCF8393 DSCF8394 DSCF8395DSCF8398 DSCF8397

At 12:30 the six of us congregated in front of the Cubi Bar Café for lunch after which we went back to Wandering About.  Here are a “bunch” of pictures that we snapped along our tour -

DSCF8387 DSCF8389DSCF8391 DSCF8404

As you can tell, we had a good day.  The Naval Aviation Museum is one of our favorite places and we generally visit at least once a year.  There are walking tours inside with a guide and a trolley tours outside, also, with a guide.  We didn’t do either of these on this trip.  Also, there is the I-Max theater and simulator rides.  We’ve done a couple of the movies in the past and our stomachs are up to the the simulators.

Yesterday Judy had her biopsy done and she’s recovering quite well.  It is both stressful and, as Judy says, feels like contractions during labor – it hurts!!!  It will be about a week before she gets the results.  One more doctor’s appointment next week and, hopefully, she will have all her medical issues behind her.

Uh Oh, I hear the breakfast dishes clanging – gotta go!!!!

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -

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