Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Day Of Visiting

What fun!!  We got together with our playmates, Randy and Terry.  After arriving and spending a few minutes at their “house”, we packed into their truck and headed to Reagan’s house (well, actually Jason and Lindsay’s house but grand kids rule, ya know).  It was good to finally meet them all as we have heard so much about them (especially Reagan) over the years.

Then it was off to Isaac’s for lunch.  The sandwich was good, but the best part was sitting over a casual meal while chatting and laughing the time away with good friends who are as close as family.  After a quick stop at the grocery store, we made our way back to their place where we continued our visiting. 

Randy and I took Blackie for a walk about the campground, or probably I should say a section of the campground.  That place is huge with a lot of nice sites, both seasonal and transit.  It makes a nice “home base” for Randy and Terry during the summer months since it is within striking distance of Lindsay’s (and, of course, Reagan).

We had an uneventful ride back home even though we managed to hit Harrisburg during the “rush hour”.  The rest of the evening was spent on our ‘puters, watching TV, and doing a little reading.  Then we pulled the curtain on the day and toddled off to bed.

Today Randy and Terry are driving up to visit us here at Lickdale Campground.  It will be great to see them again since it will have been almost 20 hours since our last visit.  I plan to dig out the grill for some burgers and dawgs while Judy makes her world famous potato salad.  Eat and visit, is that all you guys do?  Pretty much!!!!

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -

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  1. There is nothing like meeting up with friends, and it usually turns into an eating marathon. Enjoy your visit. Maybe someday we will cross paths and enjoy a meal also.