Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Republican Journal

Well, I love a rainy night, I love a rainy night.  And last night was a rainy night, plus, today is going to be a rainy day.  It’s not so bad when you get a rainy day (or night) once in a while especially when the temperatures are warmer.  In any case, I think that the four of us will have to play inside today, but inside will be at Walmart, some antique shops, and a quilt shop (or two) along route 1 south of here.

Yesterday was sort of a stay at home day with a morning walk, a trip to the library (for me), and a trip to the grocery store.  Sitting outside in our lawn chairs with a good book and some iced tea was the order of the day. 

My trip to the library was because I wanted to do some research on the history of The Republican Journal.  The Republican Journal is Maine’s oldest weekly newspaper which was established in 1829.  When you enter the city and come to the corner of Main and High Streets you see this inscription from days gone past on the side of this historic building.  The second line, which is partially hidden by the tree, reads, “ STEAM-POWER PRINTING”.  “The Journal” hasn’t been housed in this building since the late 1800’s, however, the inscription remains printed there to this very day.


The Republican Journal began in February of 1829 when two young entrepreneurs, White and Rowe, bought the presses and other equipment from the defunct Waldo Democrat (how ironic) and the newspaper has been published weekly ever since. 

My dad began working for the newspaper in 1949 as an Assistant Pressman and went on to become Pressman, a Type Setter, the Advertising Manager, and, eventually, the Publisher and General Manager. 

In 1965 dad oversaw the installation of the first offset printing presses (a huge printing innovation).  Then in 1977 he oversaw the construction of “brand spanking new” huge printing facility, south of town, of which he became the General Manager.  Dad became the Publisher in 1978 and “died in office” in 1991.  Today The Republican Journal is owned by Courier Publications out of Rockland, Maine and is being printed in Lewiston, Maine (how sad).

Dad loved that newspaper and served it for forty-two years.  It was his life long career and, needless to say, Mike and I are very proud of him and all of his accomplishments; especially, considering he did it all without having had a college education. 

My library trip was a great walk down Memory Lane as well as an opportunity to learn the history of “The Journal” prior to dad’s involvement with it.  And, now I can say that I “know the rest of the story”. 

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