Saturday, July 02, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Way back when Hector was a pup and I was just a college student, I used to spend a lot of summer evenings at Bayside Village; a cottage community that is officially part of the town of Northport.  There was a mixture of “people from away” and those from Maine who lived “inland”.  There were not many locals, however, that didn’t matter because it was all about the social life.  There were plenty of high school and college kids (read that girls) that spent the summer months with their families at those cottages in Bayside Village.

After getting our household re-established yesterday afternoon at the Northport Campground, Judy and I took a short drive over to “Memory Lane”; i.e., Bayside Village.  Bayside is a throwback to simpler times.   The Village was founded as a Methodist camp back in the 1850’s.  Parishioners from churches all around New England and New York would gather at Bayside to “fellowship, break bread, and pray”.  Today the Village has remained a quiet place with that same laid back attitude and no commercial establishments allowed. 

The Village, consisting of about 30 acres, surrounds a nice little waterfront park with a dock where us kids used to dive into Penobscot Bay for a cool, brisk swim.  We spent many evening on that dock singing with guitars playing, telling stories, swimming, doing a little courting (well smooching?), and, when no adults were looking, sipping on a nice cold beer.  Aaahh, the memories! 

Bayside Dock

Here is a picture looking up the hill from the dock toward Bayside Village.  You can see the Bayside Inn overlooking the park (big building on the left) as well as some of the cottages surrounding the park.


These are the cute little cottages aligned along the hill on the north side of the park.  Each one of them has a stunning view across the park and the bay – “a million dollar view”.  Keep in mind that these are only summer cottages; they are not insulated or heated for winter weather/habitation.


I spent a lot of time at this particular cottage which is about a half mile south of the Village.  It’s located on almost an acre lot and has a sensational view across the Bay looking toward Searsport, Maine.


And here is the view from the porch which overlooks Kelly’s Cove.  Do you recognize the home on the left of the picture?  It was posted in our Tuesday’s blog entry – “A Day At The Beaches”.


This last photo is another one of Judy’s favorites.  It’s located in the Park at Bayside Village.  What an idea, filling a dingy with flowers!  Who ever heard of such a thing?  ‘Twas real “purdy” though!


Thanks for joining me as I traveled down Memory Lane.  Maybe, before the week is over, I can coax my bride into spending an evening with me on that dock.  We might just possibly, what else, sip on some nice cold drinks – if no kids were looking, that is!!  And you thought I was going to say, “smooching” didn’t you?   Well you can just hold onto that thoughtWinking smile!!!  What do you think those “nice cold drinks” are for?Hot smile

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -

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