Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Second Verse Same As The First

Yep, Tuesday was just a continuation of Monday.  We finished the New Hampshire grand kid’s Christmas Shopping, picked up some needed items at the grocery store, and made a stop at the fish market for a couple of necessities (four pounds of haddock for future fish chowdahs and some Maine shrimp for future pizzas).  Then it was onto cleaning up the house.  Today is travel day, so everything has been pretty much returned to its rightful place.

We did make an afternoon stop over to Mike and Peggy’s in order to get Mikee in out of the heat.  He was outside scraping and painting window trim – say what?  Working hard on your birthday?  In the hot afternoon sun no less?  There should be a law agin’ it.  Anyhow, we rescued him and took him inside for a nice cold martini break.  That revived him. 

Peggy was working on her Vacation Bible School project.  Each year she is part of the VBS team for her church which is noted to be one of the best programs in the area.  So she was in need of a break as well. 

After an hour, or so, of the usual banter, we set sights for home but not before putting a departure breakfast plan in place.  Judy and I will get our “home work” done readying the coach for getting underway.  Then Mike and Peggy will pick us up around 8:30 for a short journey over to the Kopper Kettle for our favorite meal of the day – breakfast.  Is this a new tradition in the making?  A travel day breakfast?  Sounds like a great idea.

Well, its time to get my rear in gear.  The chauffeurs will be here before we know it.  So see ya tomorrow from New Hampstir.

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -  

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