Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Farmer In The Dell

Late entry today – our Verizon Air Card will not stay connected at Bull Run Regional Park.  This is the first time in all these years that we could get good AT&T coverage on on cell phones, but lousy coverage on Verizon.

Mary and Joel thought it would be fun to visit the Farmer’s Market in old town Alexandria, so the four of us loaded into their BMW and made tracks in that direction.  The Farmer’s Market was pretty much like any Farmer’s Market with great looking produce . . . . . .


After making a pass through the Farmer’s Market we did a tour of old town Alexandria.  It is really a beautiful little town and well worth a visit if you’re in the area.


Here’s the fountain and the Visitor’s Center in the middle of town.


We walked all the way down to the waterfront which is on the Potomac River.  It was said that George Washington threw a silver dollar across the Potomac; that’s nothing, today’s politicians are following suit by throwing billions (trillions?) across the river.


The old Torpedo Factory, which is right on the waterfront, has been turned into an Arts Center with three floors of various arts/crafts shops.  Judy didn’t find a thimble, however, I did manage to escape with all my money still in my wallet.


We decided to take a walk through some of the neighborhoods of Alexandria where we found this old stone street – it’s neat to look at, but miserable to drive on (or walk on).


The architecture is mostly Colonial with a lot of homeowners displaying the old Red, White, and Blue.


The kids took us to their favorite restaurant in Del Rey, La Strada.  It’s an old style Italian restaurant with Tuscan dishes.  The food was absolutely, positively delicious.  We started with a glass of wine and some rosemary bread with a seasoned olive oil for dipping.  Then followed that with an appetizer of calamari; it was nice and tender – yummy.  We ordered two family sized entrees for dinner, don’t ask me to remember their names – it’s all Greek to me (or maybe I should say all Italian to me).  In any event, the food was wonderful.  Thanks, Joel and Mary, for a great day and a fantastic dinner.

It’s only thirty miles from the campground to Joel and Mary’s, but, do to all the traffic lights, it takes us almost an hour to make the trip.  This morning we’re heading back to attend church with them followed by a brunch of homemade pumpkin blueberry pancakes (our daughter married a wonderful chef).  Then who knows what we’ll do next since we haven’t decided yet, but we’ll think of something.

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -

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