Thursday, July 07, 2011

Here They Are

Today we get to brag on our grand children with pictures.  Here are the little monsters.  Briana is almost a teenager.  Can you believe it?  These two young people the grand parents of a teenager?  Couldn’t be!!!  As you remember, she toured Vermont and upper New York with us last summer – we need to plan another outing with her before boys enter her life.


Then there’s Lola.  Don’t let that innocent smile fool you.  She’s a little typhoon on feet.  Just like Jell-o, always on the move.  Lola is four and she excels at it.


And then there’s Rocco.  He and his cousin, Radek, will be the ones to carry forth the Patterson name.  Nicknamed the gentle giant because at two he is as big as most four year olds.   


As you can tell from the background, we were at the beach.  Actually, either we or they went to the beach everyday.  Being that both Marc and Amie grew up near the ocean, and now they live “inland” in Peterborough, New Hampshire, they couldn’t get enough of the beach.  Here are some pictures of the family enjoying themselves at Belfast City Park.

DSCF4706   DSCF4691DSCF7904   DSCF7901DSCF7912   DSCF7905DSCF7929   DSCF7922

Hey look everyone - A seal.


Nope, nope – it’s just a dawg!


Well, thar ya go!!  The kids left yesterday at around ten o’clock and we left a half hour later.  By a few minutes after eleven we were tucked into our hideaway and all hooked up.  Today we’ll be off on another gunkholing adventure with Mike and Shauna.  Pictures again tomorrow so,

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -

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  1. Always like to look at grand kid photos. You have some really precious ones there. Yup, you better spend time with Briana before she discovers boys - won't be long!