Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hot, I Guess It’s Hot!!

Hoe-Lee Cow!!!  One hundred and three degrees along the New Hampshire coastline?  Unheard of!!!  We were in the cool part of the state, it only got up to 98*.  Seven Maples Campground only has 30 Amp power so we were only able to run one A/C which meant that it got up to 85* inside, but that felt cool compared to the outside temps. 

Briana had spent Thursday night with us, so we did a morning swim and an afternoon swim in the pool.  The water temperature was also 85*, however, it was refreshing and cooled us down.  The Katts refused to go swimming so they just had to find a cool spot on the floor and stretch their little katt bodies out as far as they could in an attempt to keep cool.

We took Miss B home at around 3 PM and returned home to just sit quietly while reading.  After another dip in the pool, we decided to have a little dinner.  Being as hot as it was, we didn’t feel like eating much so we shared a chicken breast along with some cold fruit.  After that, we went back to reading. 

While we are here on the backside of the wilderness, we only get one television station and our air card is rather “sketchy” at best.  Generally we have no cell phone coverage either, however, Judy did get a phone call from Kalina yesterday morning.  She talked with Grandpa as well; chatting away with Grandpa only understanding a word here and there – I kept “pressing one for English”, but it didn’t work.

Today is supposed to be a repeat of the temperatures.  We’re coping just fine, but do feel sorry for the “locals” – they’re just plain miserable in these temperatures – actually, they are miserable with any temperature above 85*.

We’ll be getting together with the kids and grand kids later today for a final grand kid fix.  Tomorrow we’ll be heading to Connecticut for another family visit with my Aunt Marge and my cousins.  On Tuesday, we’ll be heading further south to meet up with Randy and Terry (4 more sleeps).

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - -

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