Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Did you ever read the book “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”?  It’s a book about a seagull who was more interested in perfecting his flying techniques and increasing his flight speed then he was in scoring a meal like the rest of his peers.  Jonathan was a “living outside the box” kind of guy.

I love “living outside the box” type of people.  One of my favorite comic strips was Calvin and Hobbs.  Calvin certainly lived “outside the box”.  When I was in grade school, I was a Calvin.  I can relate to him sitting at his desk envisioning that he was flying a space ship into places unknown.  He would encounter a huge space alien who would be over taking him.  Then the last frame of the comic strip would show his teacher hovering over him.  Had they had designations when I was in grade school, I would have been diagnosed as AD.. – hey, did you see that seagull go flying through here?  He had to have been doing at least two hundred miles an hour.

Anyhow, some things are for the birds and this morning’s entry is one of those things.  Here is Jonathan Livingston Seagull improving his flying skills.  Obviously I had plenty of time on my hands.  Place your cursor on the picture for the captions.


In this series of photographs you’ll see Jonathan perfecting his take offs and landings.


One of my favorite parts in the book was when Jonathan flew right through the middle of the Breakfast Club at a high rate of speed.  Heads were shaking and tongues were wagging.  Needless to say, Jonathan “ruffled some feathers”.  Here is that scene re-created.


Here is one last seagull picture.  Is this what is meant by “getting your seagulls in a row”?


Now, for a few more pictures around Belfast City Park where we had gathered for a family outing on the beach on Saturday.  Amie, Briana, and Lola spent quite a bit of time swimming in the cool, brisk water of Penobscot Bay.  We’ll have some grand kid pictures just as soon as Judy and I get through the pile – we took tons of them.


This was the entry that I was attempting to publish when my Toshiba decided to commit Hara Kiri.  Yesterday I published two entries, one was an obituary for my Toshiba and the other was a birth announcement for my new Dell.  Just scroll down to see those entries.

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -

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