Thursday, August 19, 2010

Briana Goes Home :-(

Our summer is screaming by faster than greased lighting.  We took Briana home last evening; that was sad.  We’re gonna miss her smiling little face around here.  Even Katie and Alex are looking at the empty space on the sofa wondering where’s Briana.  She was definitely a good little traveler and we had a lot of fun with her over the past week and a half.

Yesterday morning we did a little more visiting.  We hadn’t gotten to see Jesse and Ginger so we drove up to Lake George Schroon Valley campground to visit with them as it was their day off.  Then we stopped by to visit a little with Tonya at her office.  We departed Lake George Escape at around 11:30 with a three and a half hour uneventful drive to Seven Maples Campground in Hancock.

Tomorrow it’s onto Maine for a week of boondocking, however, before we go we need to restock the larder.  So this morning we’re off to our favorite grocery store; Market Basket.  Then this afternoon it’ll be:   “Ha! Ha! Ha!, You and Me, Little Brown Jug” - Opps, wrong song.   Rather:  “Ho, Ho, Ho, guess who’s here, your fat and jolly friend draws near”  Yep, it’ll be Christmas gift wrapping time so we can deliver the presents to Marc and Amie this evening saving on shipping costs.

So, that’s it for today.  Short but sweet.  Until tomorrow . . . . .

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  1. Sure miss those kids when they go home, but the quite is nice.

    Enjoy Maine...I already miss it!