Sunday, August 22, 2010

Harbor Fest

We began our day as usual, with coffee and computers.  Around mid morning Mike, Shauna, Judy, and I headed out to Family Traditions for brunch.  They have “homemade” hash that Mike and I had a hankering for.  After licking our chops over some delicious meals, we made our way towards downtown Belfast.

The town of my youth was a factory town with two poultry plants, a sardine factory, a mill, and the tug boats occupying the waterfront which pretty much left that area “uninhabitable” for recreation.  Well, Belfast has made a graceful transition into the twenty first century and the waterfront is now the focal point for many of the town’s events.

This is Harbor Fest weekend here in Belfast so we decided that we had to make our appearance just to scope out the happenings.  After finding a parking space for the “kah” we approached along the waterfront; and to think, this is right wear one of those stinky ol’ poultry plants used to stand.

A New Building Replaces the Old Steam Boat WharfPark Where Penobscot Poultry Plant Used To Exist

It’s just beautiful to look out across the now pristine Penobscot Bay.

Looking Up the BayLooking Down the Bay

There was a row boat race taking place just as we arrived.

Row Boat Race Underway

There was a display of Native American artifacts with a model showing how birch bark canoes were built.

An Old Birch Bark CanoeShowing How Birch Bark Canoes Were Built

And displays of vintage sailing craft.

Vintage BoatAnother Vintage Boat

A boat building competition was taking place.  Teams had four hours to build a boat which they would then launch and race; there were eight teams.

Sample of what's being builtTeams in various stages of construction

The Compass Project is another boat building event for teaching teams of kids how to build boats.  There is no time limit and they don’t race them, however, the boats do get launched once completed.

Kids learning to build boatsLooks like a little adult "hands on" supervision is taking place

And to top it off, there is live music in the park throughout the day and evening.

Afternoon Concert in the Park

And this last picture is for our friends Bob and Molly Pinner who posted a picture of the Belfast waterfront that they had taken from Young’s Lobster Pound.  This picture is of Young’s Lobster Pound taken from the Belfast waterfront.  Also, Mark and Dortha Hall smacked their lips over a “clam bake” dinner at Young’s just a few short weeks ago.

Young's Lobster Pound

After quick stop at the grocery store, we returned home to relax for awhile before throwing some burgers on the grill to have with some fresh steamed “con” on the cob.  That was followed by a movie, “Up In The Air”.

Another great day in the life!


  1. There's just something about that fresh open air of the bay. I enjoyed your pics. I'm sure it is different without the factories of your youth. Beautiful area.


  2. Nice day!! Beautiful pics of the bay and all the fun going on.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)