Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day And A Concert

Tennessee starts the school year real early and yesterday was Catia’s first day of school.  She was extremely excited about going off to school but, her little sister Kalina, not quite so much.

         Catia Heading Off For Her First Day At School   And This Little Piggy Stayed At Home

After our morning routine, Miss Judy and I took a nice little walk about the park for old time’s sake.  Things have remained pretty much the same as last year.  Jim and Jan, our Fun and Games Department managers, stopped over for a visit and before we knew it, it was lunch time.

After lunch we drove up to Schroon Valley RV Park, a sister campground to LGE, where most of the workampers are staying this year.  It was good to visit with a number of our old friends.  On top of those workamping at LGE, Gene and Moya just happened to be in the area visiting as well so it really felt like old home week.

Moya, Judy, Phyllis, Phyllis, Thurman, Gene (Briana's back) Chuck, Diane, Gene, Jack, Moya

We came home and Briana wanted to play candy bar bingo so Grandma joined in with her.  They had no more than returned home when Miss B decided it was time to take a peddle cart for a spin around the campground so off she went while we tried to catch our breath.  

Thurman and Phyllis arrived to pick us up at 5:30 to go to the Concert In The Park in Lake George Village.  But first, we needed some nourishment so we made a pit stop at Pizza Jerks for, what else, pizza and soda.  We sat out on the veranda with a beautiful view of Price Chopper’s parking lot while enjoying our pizza.

Pizza, The Staple of Life Where's My Dinner?

While we were chowing down we received a phone call from grand daughter Catia.  She just had to call and tell Grandma and Grandpa all about her first day at school.  She was one excited little girl to say the least.

The Concert In The Park was a tribute to the Beatles presented by a band from England that calls themselves Across The Pond.  There was a large turnout for the concert.

Well Attended Concert More People At The Concert

The band was absolutely excellent; you could actually close your eyes and think you were listening to the Beatles live and in person - they were really that good!!!  The concert lasted for two hours with all the hits that these old grey heads remember from our High School and College Days.  It was a very entertaining concert with us humming and singing along all evening.  And the price was right - free.

The Group "Across The Pond" Takes The Stage Across The Pond

Today we’re heading back to New Hampshire to return Miss B to her parents and siblings.  It has been a great week and a half which seemed to have flown by.  It was a year ago when the plan to take our oldest grand daughter RVing was hatched and now it has come to an end – sheesh, time goes flying by waaaay to quickly.

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That’s All For Today Folks – See Ya Tomorrow From New Hampshire.

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