Monday, August 02, 2010

A Zero Day

Well, not entirely a zero day.  Glenn and Sylvia and Mark and Dortha attended church with us at the First Baptist Church of Freeport.  This was our home church when we lived in Topsham.  It was good for Judy and I to see a lot of friends from the past and we enjoyed hearing a great message from Pastor Sandy.

    First Baptist Church, Freeport, Maine First Baptist Church  Pastor Sandy Williams Welcoming The Congregation

However, after church we all decided that today was going to be at stay home day.  We gathered at Mark and Dortha’s where the guys watched the NASCAR race outside while the gals gathered inside to do whatever it is gals do inside while guys watch sports outside.  I even managed to sneak a twenty minute katt napp into the equation.

We ended the day by grilling some meat (as in hamburgers and hot dawgs) and sharing in a whole bunch of pot luck side dishes – another yummy meal.  So, I guess it wasn’t entirely a “zero day” but, it was a relaxing day while spending time with good friends.

The day ended on kind of a downer, Mikee has to drive back to New York to go to “w*rk” (it’s hard for me to say that word).  So, we’ll be one down for the next couple of days.  The good news is that Peggy will still be around to join in with us for the rest of The Maine Event.

Well, I guess that’s all from Vacationland for now.  Be sure to come back tomorrow to see some more photographs from our outing to Pemaquid.  We’ve rested and regained our stamina so we’re off to rock and roll once again.

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