Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Grand Finale

We are posting two entries today in order to include the pictures from our Pemaquid trip on Monday, so be sure to scroll down to that entry.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and yesterday was the last day of the 2010 Maine Event.  We decided to end it with a grand finale; that is, a Cap’n Fish’s Special Tour out of Boothbay Harbor.

The Pink Lady was waiting for us at Pier 7 and we began boarding at 9:30.

The Pink Lady

Ironically our Captain was quite young and his name is Young.

Captain Young

We departed Boothbay Harbor at ten hundred hours sharp.  Spruce Point marks the eastern point of Boothbay Harbor.

Boothbay HarborSpruce Point

We played tag with this sailboat as we rounded Ram Island.

Ketch Sailing Around Ram Island Lighthouse on Ram Island Through the Pass

Along the way we saw a couple of Osprey nests as well as seals lounging around on Hypocrite Islands.

Osprey Nest on Ram Island Lazy Seals on Hypocrite Islands

Then we made our way into Christmas Cove where another pair of ospreys make their home.  The tower in the background was used during World War II.

Christmas Cove Osprey Nest at Christmas Cove

The last leg of our tour passed by Damariscotta River and Ocean Harbor.

Looking Back at Ocean Harbor

Burnt Island Lighthouse marks our way back into Boothbay Harbor along the western shoreline.  The light is automated today but, it is a state historical site with the lighthouse tender’s boathouse and boat on display.

Burnt Island LighthouseTender's Boat and Boathouse

Once back on dry land it was time to forage up some food and we found another great seafood meal awaiting us at McSeagulls Restaurant.  After chowing down we spend some time checking out a few of the cute little shops that make up downtown Boothbay Harbor.

McSeagulls Restaurant Shops At Boothbay Harbor

What a great week it has been.  We’ve enjoyed the company of wonderful people, eaten all of Maine’s seafood (sorry folks), drank a few margaritas, told many a story, and laughed a lot.  The weather has been superb and our accommodations more than adequate.  We are truly blessed people in deed. 

Hope you have enjoyed following along and be sure to check out Glen and Sylvia’s, Mike and Peggy’s,  and Mark and Dortha’s accounts of our week together at the Maine Event.


  1. So glad the week was a success. You were wonderful to organize it (along with Mikee & Peggy). Sorry we missed it, but we'll have our own good time in January!

    Have a great time with Brianna over the next few weeks.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Great pictures. We want to visit that area too.

    Stay Safe

  3. So glad the Maine Event went so well! Sounds like the weather cooperated also. :-)
    Sorry we missed being there with you all. Maybe another time!!
    Enjoy "granddaughter" time!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. Great Week...thanks again for sharing Maine with us. See you in Indiana.

  5. What great fun you all had! Look forward to seeing you soon.

  6. It was a great trip--certainly enjoyed traveling along with y'all---Thanks to all of you for taking us with you----Looking forward to fun-fun-fun in Indiana. See you there!
    Jenny and Don

  7. Great friends, Great week. The time together will be remembered a long time. Miss you guys alwready.