Friday, August 06, 2010

A Rainy Day Agenda

What do ya do on a rainy day.  Well, staying inside and curling up with a good book in front of the fireplace with a katt in your lap would be a good idea but, instead of that, we went Christmas shopping; yep, it’s Christmas in August.

We like Christmas shopping in New Hampshire because it saves on sales tax and shipping costs but, this time we weren’t as successful as we’ve been in the past.  We’re here about a month earlier than in previous years and it’s all about “Back to School” so our choices were quite limited.  Oh well, it was onto Friendly’s for lunch.DSCF2745Their menu had a “Build You’re Own Lunch” for $9.99 which included a choice of sandwich (we chose a Bruschetta Chicken and Cheese Sandwich) with fries, choice of a drink (Diet Coke to offset the calories in the fries), a choice of a Friendly’s Sundae (Judy had the Mint Chocolate Sundae and I had the Death By Chocolate Sundae), and a refill on the drink (yup. another Diet Coke to offset the calories in the Sundaes).  Ummm Ummm Gooood!!!!

By two o’clock we had managed to “deep six” the diet that we had just begun at eight o’clock that very morning – it’s all in a day’s work!!!  So much for will power and stick-to-it-tivenes; better luck today!!!  It is definitely gonna be the Battle of the Bulge, I can see that right now.

Anyway, after a quick visit to get another grand child fix yesterday evening we came home and watched a movie (The Proposal) before our jammies called us; then made our way to beddy bye.

Today we are going grocery shopping at our favorite grocery store in the whole wide world; the Market Basket.  Great prices, fresh produce, meats, and seafood with no sales tax.  If we plan this thing right we can start eating at home thereby eating healthy and saving money all at the same time.  Nah, that dawg won’t hunt!!!!  Too many rallies and get togethers in our future for that to happen but, we’re still gonna give it the “old college try” none the less.


  1. I am lol at this one. We go through the same scenerio.. I think it's a loosing battle. Enjoy your grandkids.

  2. I know you really wanted to eat healthy Darrell - it musta been Judy who led you astray! (Ooh am I gonna get it for this one!)

  3. Judy says, "Mikee's back!" But, you hit the truth right on the head - It was Judy who said, "Feed Me!"