Friday, August 13, 2010

Cheese, Maple Syrup, And A Concert

Katie here.  Mom and Dad and niece Briana “stood” out late last night and are to pooped to pucker this morning.  They’re still in bed so I figured I’d better take quill in paw and scribble out a few words for you to read this morning while Alex paces back and forth staring at his empty breakfast bowl.  I’ll try to relate the gist of their day from the “tails” I heard last night as they reminisced about yesterday.

By the way, they’ve been getting a late start in the morning since there is a twelve year old traveling with them.  Talk about dichotomy!!  Old people go to bed early and get up early while young people go to bed late and get up late – makes it tough on us katts who are caught in the middle.  We don’t go to bed until the last one has gone to bed and we get up when the first one arises which equals a short night’s sleep for us.  It’s a good thing for katt napps!!

Anyway, they were heading to the Cabot Cheese Factory when they finally pulled out of the driveway but, as I understand it, they stopped by Green Mountain Coffee in Waterbury to procure a morning cup of java.  Then it was back on the road again heading for Cabot, Vermont.

In order to get to Cabot from Burlington you must pass through Montpelier which is the Capitol of Vermont.  They should have done a tour of the Capitol building but wanted to get to Cabot Cheese Factory in time for a tour.  After all, food is the true meaning of life.  In any case, what a beautiful place to stick a state capitol.

Vermont State Capitol, Montpelier, Vermont

According to them, the Cabot Cheese Factory Tour was a “well worth it” experience which resulted in the purchase of a couple of different cheeses, cheese cake mixes, and some natural whey butter of which Alex and I would be more than willing to take a lick or two.  The best I can tell, they like cheese tasting almost as much as wine tasting.  Ummm, wine and cheese – next they’ll be looking for a cracker factory tour.

Cabot Cheese is a co-op of dairy farmers but, not just any dairy farmer is accepted into the co-op.  Their milk must be tested, and tested, and tested again and must meet very, very high standards before a dairy farmer is admitted into the co-op.  And even after a farm has been accepted into the co-op their milk continues to be tested prior to pick-up and then again at the factory before it is unloaded.  By the way, katts would make great milk testers. 

Be sure to place your cursor over the pictures so you know what’s going on.

First the cows give their milk Then it is transported to the factory and unloaded into those huge tanksNext it is cooked and emptied into a huge vat where it is stirred Until the curds and whey are separated leaving only the curdsSalts and other ingrediants are added and it is formed into solid blocks and wrapped Then the cheese is boxed and placed into cold storage to ageMaria was their tour guide.  Cabot Cheese has won just about every award there is to win And finally the tasting began

That’s not the whole story.  There is entirely another process that takes place once the cheese has aged.  There is a completely different facility where they “cut the cheese” (I just had to do it) and package it for shipment.  I’ll tell ya, Cabot Cheese has the process down to the old “Katt’s Meow”.

After the Cabot Cheese Factory, mom, dad, and miss B made their way to Morse Maple Sugar Farms located in Montpelier.  Here they got to watch a video about the maple sugaring process, do the self guided maple trail, and sample some more wares.  They indulged themselves in a Maple Creemie (a soft served maple flavor ice cream cone) and came home with a jug of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup.  Oh, and grandpa bought Briana some pure maple sugar candy so she could get a sugar high later in the evening; just what us katts needed, to see her bouncing off the walls – sheesh!

Sign says it all Sugaring buildingsStore and gift shop The Wood Shed TheatreA tap And the tubing that collects the sapModel of a cooker The whole operation as seen from the hill

Busy, busy, busy!!  They were only home for about a half hour then it was back on the road again to meet up with Stan and Denise for a Concert on the Green in Williston, Vermont.  Stan, Miss B, and dad went for some Chicago styled hot dawgs sold by a vendor on the green while Denise and mom headed for Quiznos for a tuna melt and drinks. 

Sitting on the green Miss B playing with her balloonMiss B getting another sugar high on flavored shaved ice Soft rock band performing in the  Concert On The Green

Now you see why they are sooooo tuckered out.  “Don’t worry Alex, you’ll not strave!”  Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed my narrative of their “tails”.  I’m sure dad will be back tomorrow so, in the mean time, be sure to give your kitty a great big hug.  Now, go feed the katt!! 

Yours truly,


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  1. Well looks like your Mom and Dad have finally caught on to this site seeing business. You gotta put in some full days to get it all done. And, those grandkids will keep one busy.

    I am glad they liked Cabot Cheese. It was one of our favorite tours, especially when you got to the tasting. And, Mark is still enjoyig his Maple Syrup from Morse Farms.

    Well, we too have been pretty busy trying to take in just a fraction more of New England before heading West.

    Tell your Mom and Dad to take it a little easy and to grab a katt nap or two as we will have lots to do in Indiana when we see them next.

    See you all soon. And, take care of Alex too.

    Hugs to you all!