Saturday, August 07, 2010

A Casual Day At Home

After doing our grocery shopping we came home and stayed at the campground for the rest of the day.  Being a Friday, the weekend warriors began rolling in bringing with them kids and dawgs and campfires.  However, it’s great to see families enjoying the camping experience together; to hear kids laughing, riding their bicycles, running, swimming, and just plain enjoying playing outside instead of sitting in front of a video game.

Marc and Briana dropped by for a visit yesterday afternoon.  After they left, we had a nice fish dinner with fresh haddock, “con” on the cob, and stir fried summer squash – see, eating healthy “ain’t” all that bad after all.

There wasn’t much on television since we only get two stations (ABC and PBS - where’s History Detectives when you need them?) so we took a nice walk around the campground, sat outside and people watched, played on our ‘puters for awhile, and went to bed.

It is so nice and dark here at night and the temperatures dropped down into the low 50’s last night making it a great sleeping environment.  Sure beats the heat that’s still covering the southland.

It was a casual relaxing day and we enjoyed it to the fullest.  These “zero days” / “down days” are a great change of pace every so often.  Until next time . . . .   


  1. If you keep up that healthy eating and walking I won't recognize you by the time you get to Goshen! LOL

  2. Wifey wants me 99% fat free - what's the odds on that happening?