Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A Drive Along The Coast

We piled into two vehicles, with our picnic lunches in hand, and pointed them in the direction of Pemaquid Point.  The plan was to visit Colonial Pemaquid Historic Site, Pemaquid Beach, and Pemaquid Lighthouse.  After a few detours (note:  I’ve never been lost in my life, however, I was confused once for three days) we arrived at our destination.

Along our “side trips” we were able to catch the picturesque Maine coast on digital film; it was a beautiful drive to say the least.  Once arriving at Colonial Pemaquid we secured a picnic table for partaking of our lunches while gawking out over the waterfront.  Priceless.

From there we made our way out to the point and Pemaquid Lighthouse where we spent a couple hours climbing on the rocks, touring the museum, climbing up to the light, and visiting the gift shop next door.

Then we made our way back to Brunswick where we turned south heading to Harpswell for dinner at Estes Lobster House which sits on a narrows with water frontage on both sides of the restaurant.  After having a nice meal together we spent some time walking on the beach and watching the sunset.

After that it was time to head for the barn to get some rest before starting all over again today.  Now, you may have noticed that we haven’t included any pictures today – that’s because my ‘puter is acting up and keeps locking up while I’m scanning the photos.  I think I have the problem fixed, however, it is time to get ready to head out once again so I promise to post pictures of yesterday’s outing hopefully tonight.

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