Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gunkholing Part II

The old weather dude was right on and rain we did get.  It rained all day long with times of heavy down pouring, however, that didn’t put a damper on our local gunkholing.

The four of us started the day with breakfast at the Awesome Diner.  The guys ordered Eggs Florentine while the gals ordered the Tomato Egg Scrambler.  ‘Twas yummy in deed; a step up from my usual eggs, bacon, hash browns, and toast.

Awesome Diner

After breakfast we visited “Auntie” at her hardware store.  Also, one of my old classmates, Sandra, works there so I had an opportunity to visit with her for a while.

Home Supply Center

Next we made a stop at the Belfast Co-op Store just to see what they had in stock.  It would be a great place to gather up fresh and organic food, but quite pricey.

"The Co-op"

Just out of shear curiosity, we did a drive by of a new community that is being built named EcoVillage.  It is to be a 90% “Green” community with single family units, cohousing units, and a common house for activities.  Kind of reminds me of a modern day hippie movement.

Then it was home for haircuts.  Mike and Shauna have a hair stylist that makes house calls so Miss Judy joined in on the ears lowering event while I just stayed out of the way.

The Barber Shop

Our last outing took us to the French Boutique, the House of Renee.  Well, that’s not exactly right, the store is Reny’s and it is far from a French Boutique.  It does have great deals on all sorts of “stuff”; kind of like a small Walmart.

House of Renee

Oh yes, we did stop by Mr. Paperback and Bell The Cat. 

Unique Coffee Bar

The only purchases of the day, other than breakfast, was a tea thingy that Miss Judy bought at Auntie’s hardware store and some kitty treats that I bought at the Coop.

So that raps up our 2010 visit to Belfast.  Today we hit the road again moving onto the Topsham Fairgrounds to visit with Mike and Peggy for a couple of days.  Gene and Judi are going to drive over from New Hampshire for a day trip on Saturday and I’m going to make either a fish chowdah or scallop stew.

One last photograph for your enjoyment.  My brother is, among other things, an artist and this is a picture of one of his paintings.  I would just love to purchase the land next to the those trees for an RV site.

A Peaceful Setting

See ya tomorrow from Topsham.


  1. Darrell, could you put TWO sites there? That scene is my idea of a perfect site - mountains in the background, a little shade, and a stream. Wonderful!

  2. We love Maine. Visited there last year and can't wait to get back.