Friday, August 20, 2010

Reflections On Fulltime RVing

Holly cow!!  Miss Judy and I slept in yesterday morning until seven bells.  It felt good but, even after a good night’s sleep we were still lethargic.  We didn’t get moving until the crack of noon.

We went to Wally World and Market Basket to fill the voids in our cupboards and refrigerator.  Once we returned home, we still moved about like zombies.  After three weeks of “boogieing” we are just plain worn out.  It will be nice to sit still in Bill and Kim’s horse pasture and vegetate for a week. 

We’ll have time to catch our collective breaths before boogieing again at two upcoming rallies and the Escapade out in the mid west.  I’m telling ya, this fulltime lifestyle is not for the weak at heart.  However, as long as someone has to do it, we’re willing to step up to the plate and make our sacrifice.

Speaking of the fulltime lifestyle, you know what?  We’ve been fulltiming for four years now and this is the first summer that we’ve been able to just roam around and do our thing.  Fulltiming means many different things to many different people.  Some people are on the move all the time while others travel like snowbirds; down south in the winter and up north in the summer.  Then there are those in between – that’s us. 

We’ve discovered this summer that we don’t mind a few weeks of traveling, seeing, and doing but, we need to balance it with a few weeks of staying in one place while reading, working on hobbies, sitting under the awning, having a camp fire, taking short walks, and just generally enjoying a state of “being” rather than “doing”.  We love to travel and see different things but, we also love our quiet times just as much.

So this fall, when we begin to outline our 2011 travels, we will balance the “doing” with periods of “being” for relaxing and reflecting.  This lifestyle hands you a blank sheet of paper to draw on and if you don’t like what you’ve drawn then you can just crumple it up, throw it away, and get another blank sheet of paper.  There is no such thing as “one size fits all” in this lifestyle.  You are free to shape it any way you want to make it fit your personality just perfectly and that, my friends, is a good thing.  No, that’s a great thing!!!  

Now, where did all that come from?  I dunno but, it is so!!  Anywhoo, today we head for a week of boondocking in Belfast, Maine.  It will be nice to see my brother and sister-in-law (Mike and Shauna) as well as the best buddy I’ve ever had and his wife (Bill and Kim).  So see ya from Belfast tomorrow.  In the meantime, Take Care, Have Fun, and God Bless.

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