Monday, January 03, 2011

Basket Weaving 101

Darrell refers to all of my crafting projects as basket weaving, however, let it be known that I don’t weave any baskets what-so-ever.  There is a Pine Needle Basket Weaving class here at the Plantation and they produce some beautiful baskets, but I have not attended that class – yet!!!

Quilting is probably my biggest hobby.  Last year I purchased a Janome 760 Digital Sewing Machine just for my quilting projects.  My goal was to make a quilt for each grand child; this year I was able to achieve that goal.  My next goal is to make a twin size quilt for each grandchild.  Here are pictures of the quilts I have made for each of them.

Briana’s quilt.

Front Back

Catia’s Quilt.


Lola’s Quilt.

Front Back

Kalina’s Quilt.

Front Back

Rocco’s Quilt.

Front Back

Radek’s Quilt.

Front Back

I have also made a few other quilting projects as well. 

Pot Holders Wall Hangings Candle Mats

Another hobby that I enjoy is beading.  Here are a few of the items that I have made. 

Bracelet More BraceletsAnother Bracelet Santa Ear RingsAnd Another Type Of Bracelet

Here are some pillow cases that I made for Catia and Kalina for Christmas this year.

Princess Pillow Case Tinkerbell Pillow Case

And a blanket that I made for Catia, Katie got into the act here.  Katie and Alex both like to get involved in craft projects – especially anything involving yarn or thread.

Catia's Blanket

I, also, enjoy crocheting; here is a blanket I crocheted for Rocco.  As you can see, Alex got in on this project.

Rocco's Blanket

There are other crafts that take place at the clubhouse like making greeting cards, boxes, chair canning, etc..  Here are some little boxes that I made out of greeting cards and a rag bag that I made. 

Greeting Card Boxes Rag Bag That I Use For Crotcheting Supplies

Another hobby that I enjoy doing, that is not pictured here, is digital scrapbooking.  I have made photo albums of our grandchildren, a family vacation at LGE, and our summer trip with Briana.

Well, there you go.  These are just a few of my “Basket Weaving Endeavors”.  It has kept me busy, been lots of fun, and given me hours of enjoyment.   Rainbow Plantation is a great place to winter for anyone wanting to learn some crafts.  Hope to see you there.



  1. Beautiful work! Looking forward to seeing you guys soon - but I think I'll leave the "basket weaving" to Judy.

  2. You're amazing, Judy, for all that you accomplished this year! The quilts and beading projects are beautiful. Thanks for sharing all of your 'basket-weaving' endeavors.

  3. Judy, you do beautiful work. You should try the basket weaving, I think you would like it. I actually was a basket weaver for quite a few years, however it takes up a lot of space.

  4. What a wonderful talent!! The quilts are beautiful and I'm glad you posted pics of them. I was hoping you would. All of your work looks fabulous!! :-)
    Glad you are feeling better!!

  5. These are fantastic! Not only beautiful- but the kids love them. I love the Santa earrings!