Thursday, January 13, 2011

Warm Thoughts

Looking at the weather map across the country, all we can say to our good friends everywhere is, “Button up your overcoat, When the wind is free, Oh, take good care of yourself, You belong to me!”  Wow, another January with sub seasonal temperatures. 

It’s so cold here in L. A. (Lower Alabama) that the katts refuse to look at the thermometer.  They just cuddle up on the bed looking up at us with a “wake us when spring arrives” look on their cute little faces.  Alex weasels his way down under the covers at night – we keep the house in the high sixties during the night time.  Meow, meow, meow translates to, “Darn, it’s cold outside!!”

Forty-nine out of fifty states have sn*w on the ground.  Only Florida escapes the “s” word, but they are suffering through the cold weather again this year.  It was a year ago that we encountered this same cold while we were in St. Augustine watching the fountains ice up. 

Frosted Fountain In Florida

Okay, so now it is time for some warm thoughts so we leave you with a few pictures of warmer times.

Parkesdale Farms in Plant City, Florida Gulf Shores, AlabamaSailing The Penobscot River In Maine Along The Coast Of MaineCampsite In Michigan A Summer Sunset

Stay Warm Until Next Time - - - - -

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