Friday, January 14, 2011

More Katt Tales

Hi, Katie here.  I’ve been a traveler from the very day that Mom and Dad picked me up from Rose Cottage in Allenton, Michigan (Remember that my registered name is Lady Catherine of Rose Cottage).  It was a Saturday when Mom and Dad came to get me and it was love at first sight.  I rode home, a three hour trip, in Mom’s lap.

My new home was just great.  It had two stories and I loved going up and down stairs.  There was an upstairs hallway with a railing around the top of the stairs that I loved to weave in and out of.  Once I fell from the very top to the bottom but, fortunately, didn’t get hurt.

Anyway, the following Sunday Matthew had to go back to college and only got about 10 miles down the road when his truck began acting up.  So Mom and Dad had to go rescue him and drive him to college which was five hours away.  Being just a little kitty, they couldn’t leave me behind so they packed up some kitty food and a katt box and off we went.  My second night with my new parents was spent in a hotel in Houghton, Michigan; some eight hours from my birth place.  Then on Monday we drove back to our Home in Harbor Springs, Michigan.

Dad and Mom owned a twenty six foot travel trailer that we used for weekend camping trips all around northern Michigan.  I loved that little travel trailer; it was my favorite RV of all times.  I called it my kitty palace.  Being the smart katt that I am, I knew what the phrase, “Go to the camper” meant.  Dad would say, “Do you want to go to the camper?” and I would run to the front door.

I would ride in the front seat of the truck looking forward to arriving at our destination.  I just couldn’t wait to get inside my kitty palace on wheels.  What fun!!!  Dad and Mom would have a supply of toys on hand for me to play with as well as plenty of my favorite food.  I’d lay on the back of the couch and look out the window or get up on the dinette table and look out that window.  At night I would sleep on the bed right next to my parents.  It was a lot of fun.

Here are some of my baby pictures.  The first two are in the RV and the others are around the house.

Here I Am On The Back Of The Couch Here I Am On The Back Of The Dinette Laying In One Of The Chairs In The Upstairs Hallway It's Time To Do The Laundry Sitting On The Planter In The Upstairs HallwayPampered Pussy Katt



  1. What a cutie! She's just like our cats, except when you say camper, they hide under the bed!

  2. I think Katie needs to be a featured pet of the week.... ;-)

  3. Oh Katie, you have such great parents to take you all those interesting places.
    I, Prime, Tortoiseshell, like to travel, but Patches, Calico, doesn't.
    We have a nice foster mom, and we hope that in our 'forever' home(s) that we will be fortunate enough to have great parents again.
    Hope to hear from Alex too.
    Meow, from Patches and Prime, TX.