Sunday, January 23, 2011

Update And Stuff

Whenst we last left Mike and Peggy they were gallantly breaking loose from the Maine Winter Prison System and heading toward Jerzee in Winne with the Winter Hounds barking at their heels.  The WWNW (Wicked Witch of the NorthWest) had sent reinforcement Snow Demons to help coral them and throw them into the Jerzee Snow Slammer.  Well, Mike and Peggy made it to Jerzee where they brought forth a Secret Weapon.  The Secret Weapon held the Snow Demons at bay keeping themselves and Winne from the clutches of the Jerzee Winter Weather Prison.  “What is this Secret Weapon?”, you may query.  Why it is called Hugs From Grandchildren.  Hugs From Grandchildren can change minus 100 degree temperatures into a warm spring day.  It can change a bleak overcast winter day into a sunny day at the beach.  And, it can melt a ton of snow in a matter of seconds.  WWNW is dispatching more Snow Demons heading their way, but I suspect that Hugs From Grandchildren will keep them save until they decide to flee Jerzee in search of the Fountain of Warmth.

Well, what did we do yesterday?  Let me see, ummm.  We got up and sipped our coffee while playing on our ‘puters.  We did the housework; make bed, washed dishes, vacuum house, picked up stuff, etc..  We went for a walk about the park – this is part of our get healthy plan.  We visited with the neighbors and then came home and read for a while.  Sheesh, before we knew it Saturday was all gone.

Randy and Terry came over for an appetizer dinner followed by a lively conversation.  Whenever Guilers and the Pattersons get together you can be assured of a lively conversation with lots of laughs.  We even broke out our dessert wine – Chocovine chocolate and raspberry wine.  A few glasses of that and the conversation gets even livelier (talk about pouring gasoline on a fire). 

Before heading off to bed, we engaged in some more reading (me) and ‘puter time (Judy).  Judy’s computer began acting up again; she can’t get online anymore.  I’ll need to reload the Internet Explorer program once again.  The computer is four years old and is slowly giving up the ghost.  That means we’ll probably need to get her a new one before year’s end.

Well, there you have it.  An update on Mikee, Peggy, and Winne as well as the highlights of our Saturday.  Take Care Until Next Time - - - - - -

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