Saturday, January 29, 2011

Florida And Back

Yesterday we drove over to Berrydale, Florida to visit with Allan and Jeanne Webster (and Katie, their katt).  It was a great traveling day with the temperatures reaching 70* before all was said and done.  We took almost two hours to cover the 76 miles between Rainbow Plantation to True Worship Assembly of God (waaaay toooo many stop lights).

Allan and Jeanne belong to MAPS RV Volunteers which is a Christian group linked to the Assembly of God ministries.  They volunteer with other Christian RVers to build new churches or renovate older churches, Christian camps, etc..  RV camps are generally set up right on the church property where they all live together, work together, and play together.

True Worship Assembly of God

It was nice to see them once again; can you believe that we didn’t take any pictures of them or Katie?  Jeanne made us a wonderful lasagna dinner with garlic bread, garden salad, and apple pie.  It was delicious, thanks Jeanne.  We chatted about the past, present, and future; needless to say, we look forward to seeing them again this winter and somewhere down the road in the future.

Unfortunately we didn’t see anything interesting or unique along the way so the only other picture that we have is of some goats in the pasture next to the church.

Dad, Mom, And Baby Goats

Last night was card night with Ray and Pat.  Ray and I let the women win two out of three games (we didn’t want to dampen their spirits).  We always enjoy our time with Ray and Pat and were glad we got together with them last night as we found out that they are pulling up anchor on Monday and moving on.

Today the temps are going to get well up in to the 70’s so it will be a great day to get things done around the house this morning and sitting out side (with Alex) this afternoon (Meow!!!).

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