Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday, Wednesday

‘Twas a little chilly this morning, but it is recovering just nicely.  It will be another fine day here in Lower Alabama; by weekend the temps will be in the high 60’s during the day.  A whole lot better than Mike and Peggy are experiencing in Jerzee.  Their escape plan for today has been foiled by the Wicked Witch of the Northwest who keeps sending her Snow Demons to the east.  Hopefully they will get a “get outta Snow Slammer free” card on the next roll of the dice.  Time will tell.

Yesterday morning we played on our ‘puters, did household chores, and went for a walk.  Judy went to basket weaving yesterday afternoon where she made us a nice quilted wine tote.  I “stood” to home to defrost the refrige, vacuum the floor, and do some reading.  I really enjoy spending time with my Nook, however, one of these fine days I need to start my next painting.

Last night we had a potato bar at our home group.  It was fun and there were more than enough “stuffings” to put on the old tater.  We were enjoying each other’s company so much that we were late getting home – half past Escapees mid-night (9:30).  Once home, we watched the rest of History Detectives and did some more reading. 

That’s it.  Nothing awfully exciting, but enough to keep us busy for the day.  Until Next Time - - - - -    

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