Sunday, January 02, 2011

An Update By Katie

Yay!!!  Dad’s better.  Mom?  Not so much.  She’s definitely bottomed out, hopefully she’ll be on the mend from this point on.  She needs to drink lots of liquids, keep warm, and get lots of rest.  Dad says he’ll wait on her, but it’s tough keeping her down.  I know where there’s some rope!!!  If she has not turned the corner in the morning, Dad is going to throw her over his shoulder and shove her into the doctor’s office.

It rained most of the day yesterday so Mom and Dad put on their “sweats” and stayed inside.  There was the Rose Parade and College Football.  Naps snuck into the afternoon. 

Dad was in his Nook and Mom was in her Book.  Dad really loves his Nook and has read at least a dozen books in the past month.  He says it beats television all to heck.  Dad learned how to speed read many years ago.  He doesn’t use it while reading for pleasure, but it certainly has made him a very fast reader.  He can read a book in a couple of days (in a few hours if he wanted to turn on the speed).

Shrimp was the big treat for the day.  Dad made Mom some shrimp scampi and they also had some shrimp cocktail.  They munched on some crackers, cheese, and pepperoni, but to be honest with you, they weren’t real interested in eating.  The main course of the day was a bowl of chicken soup.

Being the first of a new year, they talked with some family and a couple of friends on the phone.  So, in spite of their colds, they had a good day.  They will be laying low again today; unfortunately they’re not going to church this morning.

Another day of rest and then dear ol’ Dad will need to get back onto the Ol’ Ta Do List.  First thing is to reinstall the potable water tank and button up the underbelly of the coach.  Then there’s the mods to the cabinet under the desk and the kitchen cabinet under the sink.  Both Mom and Dad want to continue going through every cabinet, closet, drawer, and storage compartment getting rid of everything that’s not being used.  The final, and big, task will be to go through everything in the shed purging and organizing.  They have to get busy because before we know it, it will be time to head out again.

Tomorrow Mom and Dad are going to do a Basket Weaving Journal Entry (with pictures) so be sure to check us out.  Be good until then . . . . .


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