Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Saga, The Detective, And Alex

Will they make it?  The WWNW (Wicked Witch of the Northwest) is sending in more Snow Demons to trap Mike and Peggy in Jerzee.  They are plotting an escape plan for tomorrow, but it just might be too late.  They very well may end up in the Jerzee Snow Slammer until spring which won’t happen until mid June this year.  Hugs from Grandchildren melts tons of snow, but WWNW just has waaaay toooo many resources at her disposal this year.  Mike and Peggy just may have to follow the white lined road in search of the Wizard of Warmth so he can send them off to the southland (beam me down, Scottie).  Stay tuned for the ongoing saga, but things are not looking good.

I was caught by the Detective this very morning.  I “left everything all over” and Miss Detective knew I was into things last night.  The fact is that I was sleep walking and have no recollection of anything (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it), however, the cheese was very good.  Yes, I opened the Cabot Seriously Sharp Cheddar Cheese and had myself a piece.  Being that it was dark and I was sleep walking, I left the Saranwrap on the counter, the wax paper on the floor next to the cupboard (it was on top of the Saranwrap), and the cupboard door opened.  Caught red handed (yellow handed in this case).  The Detective doesn’t miss a thing.

And Now Alex Takes Over.

Alex here.  I got to sample a little piece of that cheese too.  ‘Twas yummy, but Dad would only give me a little taste as he doesn’t want to upset my system – what about his system?  I like it when Dad sleep walks, maybe he’ll do it again tonight.  I’ll just rub around his legs to let him know I am there.  A couple of loud meows adds a little drama to the event as well.  Some people say I’m a spoiled pussy katt, but that ain’t so.  Maybe a little pampered, but never spoiled.

Yesterday was another uneventful day at the Plantation.  Dad and Mom went for their daily walk and then just sat around doing their reading, went to the four o’clock social time, and came home for dinner, more reading, and television.  The President of the United States was on.  From my view point, he should have been sitting on Santa’s lap.  “Bring me a new economy, I want more jobs, and a balanced budget.  Also, I want everyone to get along and play nice.  Bring me more environmental toys and help me with my energy dependence.  And . . . .”  Katie and I are going to have to go get a job just so we can contribute to Santa’s fund in order to pull all of that off.

Then it was lights out and snoring right up until Dad’s cheese caper.  This morning the sun is brightly shining.  Katie is curled up on the sofa and I’m “fixinto” go sit on the table (I’m trained not to get up there, but I do it anyway) and watch for birds.  So, bye bye for now!!!

Dad, got any more cheese?



  1. You coulda blamed it on mice - but then the detective probably wouldn't buy that with those 2 Katts around.

    And what the heck is that Wicked Witch of the Northwest doing here in the North EAST anyway.

  2. I guess some explainstions are required. The mice story would most likely be accepted as the two afore mentioned Katts will not have anything to do with mice - they say they haven't bathed and are dirty.

    The WWNW remains in the northwest but is responsible for sending snow demons from the west to the east - I'm not sure if there is a Wicked Witch of the Northeast, but maybe.

  3. Darrel, Love your blog, your comment about the president made me think of this saying "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" I want to know just what he is up to!