Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Will Winne Roll?

I talked with Mikee last night.  He and “my name” Peggy are readying Winne for travel while still planning on a Thursday morning departure, however, last night and today they are getting slammed with yet another winter storm.  This time it will be a “wintry mix” which means fluffy snow, wet snow, and freezing rain among anything else that Mother Nature can throw at them.  Yep, Thursday’s acomin’ and neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays this Winne from the swift completion of her appointed rounds!!  Ever see a motorhome with snow tires?

While they are experiencing sub-zero temperatures in Maine we woke up to 50* after having enjoyed a beautiful sunshiny day with temps almost hitting seventy.  The weather forecasters had predicted overcast with rain, but by mid morning all the clouds moved out and the Mr. Sunshine took over brightening our day.  Judy and I got out the lawn chairs and sucked up some of that sunshine.  Alex even joined us outside for awhile.  We’ll take all those kind of rainy days that you want to throw at us!!!

My painting session was a bust.  I’m still learning how to apply paint to canvas.  There are techniques that I haven’t acquired yet.  It requires a light touch while I tend to slap the paint on like I’m painting the side of a house (I have a lot of experience at that).  Gil showed me a new “toy” that he manufactured to help keep his paints moist between usage.  It’s made out of a plastic sealing storage container and a piece of glass in the bottom to use as a pallet.  I’ll have to make myself one for future use, but, for now, I just need to “brush up” on my techniques.

Judy attended her beading group.  She is finishing up a bracelet and some ear rings that she had started last year.  Now that Christmas is behind us (at least for a couple of months), she’ll be able to slow down and enjoy her hobby.  She was one busy little girl last November and December.

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